COVID-19 Vaccine

Now available to patients 5 and older!

COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Availability

Thank you for visiting our site for information about Covid-19 vaccinations! We are working very diligently to provide the maximum number of vaccines to patients as quickly as possible. That being said, we are also strictly enforcing and following the Arkansas Department of Health’s guidelines and phased approach to vaccinations. There will be no exceptions to the guidelines set forth by the Arkansas Department of Health. We have attached a link below for you to reference to see which phase you would fall into to receive the vaccine.

Next Steps

NOTE: You MUST fill out the consent form and bring with you.
Vaccine will be administered at our pharmacy

Step 1

We are now administering vaccine to all patients aged 5 and older! Learn more about the ADH Plan below.

Step 2

What do I need to know about the vaccine? Learn more about V-Safe and download the Pfizer vaccine fact sheet.

Step 3

Schedule an appointment. Once we have more registration slots available, we’ll provide a link here to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination.

Step 4

Print and complete the consent form and bring along photo id, credentials verifying the phase you qualify for, and insurance card if applicable.

Step 5

Watch for communication from us for additional information. Your vaccine will be administered at our pharmacy.