Community Wellness

At Bryant Family Pharmacy we strive to be so much more than just the place you pick up your prescriptions.

We are a part of this community and want to go above and beyond to serve it in as many ways possible.

Free Monthly Wellness Events

Each month we have scheduled wellness events that are held in the pharmacy that are free for our community to come and take part in learning more about their conditions. We offer a wide variety of educational courses for patients to learn more about their conditions and how to best manage them.  Appointments can be made for one on one meetings with a pharmacist by clicking here or see the calendar below for scheduled group sessions.

We offer one on one patient counseling sessions where you can bring in your medications and one of our pharmacist will sit down and go through any potential drug interactions, talk with you about what the medication is used for, and any possible side effects. We call these brown bag days and just click here to set up an appointment today or see the calendar below for our monthly scheduled event!!

We are always available to check blood sugar or blood pressure, but we offer so much more in the way of screening you or your loved one for different illnesses. Call 501-847-2880 to see what screenings we can offer that might be helpful for you or see the calendar for our monthly scheduled wellness screening.

We’re a pharmacy that knows you and cares for all the members of your family.